Changelog 03.06.2019 - 09.07.2019 (53 fixes)

Spells (20)
#17593 Frenzied Regeneration will not heal party/raid members if the Druid has been in Bear Form for less than 15 seconds
#10445 Fixed a mirror timer for Feign Death spells
#5384 Intimidation now shares diminishing returns with controlled stuns
#7346 Hunter pet's Prowl and Spirit Walk spells now correctly show cooldown
#2853 Grand Crusader will make Avenger's Shield generate Holy Power on cast rather than on hit (this also means that it will generate Holy Power even if Avenger's Shield misses)
#2852 Fixed a bug which caused refreshed Echo of Light to have only 6 ticks instead of 7
#16254 Cowering Roar (from Mindless Horrors in Shadowfang Keep) now correctly removes Fear Ward
#10673 Prayer of Mending's heal amount in aura tooltip should now more closely match the final heal
#10673 Added jump visual when Prayer of Mending jumps between targets
#10673 Watery Entrenchment will proc Prayer of Mending (Hagara the Stormbinder)
#10673 Prayer of Mending will proc from Beth'tilac's Ember Flare and Ultraxion's Twilight Instability
#11180 Refreshed Recuperate now correctly extends its duration by remaining time to next tick from previous Recuperate aura
#11367 Burning Rage will be removed if a Warrior loses T12 2P set bonus
#15545 Added spellscript, player will be affected by Choking Wound if he reaches 5 stacks of Choking Vines
#8826 Fixed Eagle Eye in combination with /cast !Eagle Eye - consecutive Eagle Eye casts will now properly show all creatures/players/gameobjects in targeted area
#14484 Aura will be correctly removed if player's connection drops
#10763 Worgens will learn Apprentice Riding skill together with Running Wild at level 20
#19706 Implemented a chance to fail for Scourge Disguise
#14788 Mage's Spellsteal will dispel Bloodlust, Heroism, Time Warp or Ancient Hysteria from its target, but will not add them to the Mage if he has one of related debuffs active
#14788 Mage's Spellsteal now also adds related debuff if Bloodlust, Heroism, Time Warp or Ancient Hysteria are stolen
Dungeons (8)
#3460 Gnomeregan Mekgineer Thermaplugg - boss rework
#3460 Gnomeregan Crowd Pummeler 9-60 - boss rework
#3460 Gnomeregan Electrocutioner 6000 - boss rework
#3460 Gnomeregan Viscous Fallout - boss rework
#3460 Gnomeregan Trash rework
#3460 Gnomeregan Added teleport option for horde faction from Grom'gol base camp and back
#3460 Gnomeregan Reworked event with Blastmaster Emi Shortfuse / Grubbis
#9762 The Vortex Pinnacle Young Stone Dragon - Healing Well will also heal players now
Mechanics (2)
#1385 DoT/HoT Mechanics Implemented DoT/HoT critical strike chance snapshot - most of DoTs/HoTs will snapshot crit chance now, but there are some exceptions, like Balance Druid's DoTs (those will still update their crit chance dynamically)
SPELL_EFFECT_ADD_FARSIGHT Reworked SPELL_EFFECT_ADD_FARSIGHT - creatures in targeted area will be loaded now, player will no longer see them not moving/doing nothing
General (9)
#10907 Global - Pets / Guardians All Hunter pets will have the same base movement speed now, corrected base movement speed of multiple other class pets and guardians
#10907 Global - Pets / Guardians Creatures will lose their equipment when tamed by a Hunter now (for example Mining Monkeys in Deadmines)
#10907 Global - Pets / Guardians Auras on pets will no longer pause their duration countdown when the pet is dismissed
#10907 Global - Pets / Guardians All 10 pet actionbar slots are saved now (previously only the middle 4 slots were saved)
#9045 Inscription - recepty s multiple skill pointy za craft Crafting yellow/green marked items through professions which were giving bonus skill-ups when they were marked as orange will no longer give any bonus skills
#15056 Silverpine Forest - Horde Hauler event Rework of taxi event
Trainers Riding trainers will correctly show required riding skill for skills they teach
Trainers Corrected training costs of multiple spells
Trainers Added requirements to many spells where it was missing
PvP (1)
#5819 Eye of the Storm Take a Chill Pill achievement fixed
Quests (7)
Eastern Kingdoms - Eversong Woods
#16574 Added point of interest
Eastern Kingdoms - Hillsbrad Foothills
#5954 Visual corrections
Kalimdor - Felwood
#4943 Q giver Impsy can be seen right after completing this quest
Kalimdor - Southern Barrens
#5460 Quest rework
Miscellaneous - Firelands Invasion
#14309 Quest credit is now given also to the mounted player
Northrend - Howling Fjord
#16114 Quest rework
The Maelstrom - Deepholm
#4457 Added more red mist spawns and improved waypoints
NPCs (3)
Elwynn Forest
#15031 Sheep fixed and event reworked
#19739 Flight master (and her horde counterpart) offers flying to Darnassus (Thunder bluff) only for druids now
#19705 More spawns added
Items (2)
#20425 Added to vendors
#3025 Fixed an exploit where Shadowbolt Volley would still proc even after the trinket was unequipped
Objects (1)
#18892 After finishing quest Death to the Vilebranch this object can now teleport players to start of the area