Changelog 07.02.2020 - 07.03.2020 (45 fixes)

Spells (12)
Death Knight
#6795 Army of the Dead Ghouls will no longer sometimes stop using their spells
#6795 Slightly increased Army of the Dead Ghoul's total health
#3779 Players will no longer lose Improved Unholy Presence bonus after relog
#20920 Shapeshifting out of Moonkin Form will no longer remove Owlkin Frenzy
#949 Bosses are immune to Hunter's Distracting Shot now
#6067 Entering Invisibility will cancel the effect of mid-air spells
#11549 Devouring Plague's heal no longer generates threat
#3503 Vampiric Embrace no longer generates threat
#981 Soulwell will no longer fail to create Healthstones during Arena Preparation
Fixed a bug which prevented higher level creatures from applying Daze to their target
#20939 Magma debuffs from Grim Batol, Blackwing Descent and End Time should no longer remain on pets indefinitely
#7772 Using Shadowmeld will cancel the effect of mid-air spells now
Dungeons (2)
#12280 Blackfathom Deeps Reworked bosses/trash
#17013 End Time Murozond - Rewind Time no longer resets cooldown of racial abilities, items and profession crafts
General (4)
Expertise Unequipping a weapon will now correctly remove expertise gained from racial traits (e.g. Orc's Axe Specialization, Human's Sword and Mace Specialization, etc.)
Hunter Trainers Corrected level requirement for Hunter's Aspect of the Cheetah
Money Loot Removed money loot from training dummies and some creatures in Death Knight starting zone
Threat/Taunt Players are immune to all threat and taunt spell effects now
World Event (4)
#14135 Love is in the Air Apothecary Trio - Players now have to kill all three Apothecaries to receive quest credit and loot
#14135 Love is in the Air Apothecary Trio - Reworked encounter
#14135 Love is in the Air Apothecary Trio - Event spawns in Shadowfang Keep moved to event Looking for Group version of the instance
#14135 Love is in the Air Apothecary Trio - Added missing spawns/visuals
Quests (15)
Eastern Kingdoms - Blasted Lands
#4281 Fixed a bug which sometimes prevented Spirit of Grol from spawning
Eastern Kingdoms - Twilight Highlands
#4634 Quest has been reworked
#4750 Quest has been reworked
#4653 Quest has been reworked
#20857 Killing Skullcrusher the Mountain will now always complete the quest, as long as the player was in combat with him
#5971 Quest has been reworked
Kalimdor - Azuremyst Isle
#20913 Zaldaan will now correctly offer an option to buy hippogryph ride to the Exodar
Kalimdor - Bloodmyst Isle
#11174 Corrected Razormaw's melee damage
Kalimdor - Mount Hyjal
#1760 Players will be dismounted after accepting this quest now
Kalimdor - Orgrimmar
#13535 Added quest reward event
Northrend - Borean Tundra
#4410 Quest has been reworked
Professions - Jewelcrafting
#20751 Added missing quest progress text
#9941 Fixed a bug which prevented players from shooting the harpoon
#20984 Fixed a bug which prevented players from turning in this quest
#20986 Corrected spawn positions of Crown Supply Guards
NPCs (3)
Twilight Highlands
#6894 Corrected spawn point
#5538 Immortal Colossuses are immune to all kinds of damage now
#20914 Added missing spawn point
Items (3)
#20995 Missing Bloodthirsty Gladiator's Medallions were added to Alliance vendors
#14203 Added missing trades for Essence of the Forlorn to tier vendors
#20828 Corrected some packets related to item creation
Objects (2)
#18151 Corrected Ghost Saber's data and AI
#18151 Corrected pooling, added more spawn points and corrected respawn time