Changelog 07.03.2020 - 03.06.2020 (71 fixes)

Spells (27)
Death Knight
#794 Dark Simulacrum will now copy Druid spells which have their mana cost removed by Predator's Swiftness
#2315 Fixed a bug which caused Fungal Growth to slow targets outside of the marked area
#7761 Players will no longer lose their shapeshifting model after teleporting into battlegrounds or arenas
#4253 Starsurge copied by Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest will no longer trigger cooldown
#20373 Wild Mushrooms will now despawn immediately when killed
#12172 Reworked autorepeat spells -> this fixes all remaining visual bugs of Auto Shot
#8351 Reverted an old change which removed Scatter Shot's travel time
#8348 Reverted a correction which removed Silencing Shot's travel time, Silencing Shot's base speed has been doubled instead
#10482 Getting hit by Throw will no longer remove Mage's Brain Freeze
#1084 Getting hit by Ice Lance will no longer consume charges of Fingers of Frost
#7813 Fixed a bug which caused Ignite's damage to be calculated incorrectly if the Mage scored a critical strike as the previous Ignite was about to end
#1056 Removed hacks and correctly implemented Nether Vortex
#13566 Added missing cast visual
Spellsteal will now always dispel magic effects from the target, even if the Mage can't steal them
#8577 Exorcism DoT will now only benefit from Attack Power or Spell Power, whichever is the highest
#8577 Exorcism DoT will now correctly benefit from The Art of War
#10674 Leap of Faith will no longer fail to pull targets affected by some stuns such as Sap, Gouge, Wyvern Sting or Ring of Frost
#7388 Penance will now send a healing prediction
#10673 Prayer of Mending will now prefer to jump to injured targets
#16060 Sap will now always remove Stealth immediately after application
#6031 Glyph of the Arctic Wolf will now correctly replace the default Ghost Wolf model with a transparent white wolf model
#10460 Removed old hack which was causing players to turn around on Hex debuff application/removal
#15025 Added missing explosion visual to Seed of Corruption
#3977 Victory Rush will no longer consume both Victorious buffs (from killing an enemy and from Impending Victory talent) at once, but rather will use the stronger one first
#21017 Creatures can no longer Daze players with Tank specialization
#21159 Grievous Bite will no longer remain active even when fully healed
#8961 Low-level Frost Mages and Fury Warriors will no longer be negatively affected by their Mastery
Dungeons (14)
#9084 Black Temple Corrected health of Teron Gorefiend, Mother Shahraz and Veras Darkshadow
#12638 Grim Batol Drahga Shadowburner - Invoked Flaming Spirit will be correctly summoned on ground level
#12638 Grim Batol General Umbriss - Boss will no longer turn while casting Ground Siege or Blitz
#9104 Shadow Labyrinth Reworked trash - spawns, pathing, visuals...
#9104 Shadow Labyrinth Murmur - boss reworked
#9104 Shadow Labyrinth Grandmaster Vorpil - boss reworked
#9104 Shadow Labyrinth Blackheart the Inciter - boss reworked
#9104 Shadow Labyrinth Ambassador Hellmaw - boss reworked
#2940 Sunwell Plateau Corrected health of Kalecgos, Sathrovarr the Corruptor, Brutallus, Felmyst, Lady Sacrolash, Grand Warlock Alythess and Kil'jaeden
#4814 The Bastion of Twilight Valiona & Theralion - Fixed one problem which sometimes caused Valiona & Theralion encounter to not be saved in BossKills
#4814 The Bastion of Twilight Cho'gall - Fire Elementals and Shadow Lords can no longer be crowd-controlled on Heroic difficulty
#4814 The Bastion of Twilight Halfus Wyrmbreaker - Halfus Wyrmbreaker will no longer retain his Heroic difficulty abilities after switching difficulty to Normal
#4814 The Bastion of Twilight Valiona & Theralion - Fixed a bug which caused Valiona & Theralion's health to desynchronize
#4814 The Bastion of Twilight Sinestra - Wrack will now correctly show its current damage value in the tooltip
Mechanics (1)
#21133 Nefarian FREE HIT Bug ! Apollo 2 It is no longer possible to kill Nefarian (exploit) without taking damage/initiating the encounter
General (12)
Aura Duration Some buffs will now use real time duration instead of in-game duration
Block Reworked conditions used to determine which spells should not be blockable -> this fixes multiple spells which can be blocked now, but should not be blockable
#17136 Breath Timer Fixed many places where breath timer didn't appear after submerging
#14572 Cataclysm - World Drop - BoE - Epic itemy Fixed an issue that would prevent random world BoE items from dropping
#21219 Dying from Hearthing in Abyssal Depths Players will no longer die (drop dead) when hearthing/teleporting from the Abyssal Depths
#3038 HASTE Reworked interaction of periodic spells with haste -> all DoTs and HoTs now require exactly the same % haste values for additional ticks as they did on retail Cataclysm
Healing Prediction Reworked conditions used to determine which spells should send healing prediction
#21248 Maps Fixed an issue with npc's/pets pathing through walls/textures in multi level buildings, caves, etc.
#21248 Maps Fixed an issue with players (also pets/npc's) pathing/falling through textures while being under crowd control (particularly on some arena maps)
Player Stats Reworked player stat system - all player level/class/race combinations now have the same stats they had during retail Cataclysm
Tap All spells which cause creatures to become aggressive will now also tap them
#14185 Vymena HC tokenu Every T11 heroic helmet/shoulder armor now only requires heroic tier token
PvP (1)
#9274 War Games Players can no longer request a War Game with themselves
Quests (1)
Miscellaneous - Tournament
#8250 Kvaldirs and Sharks will no longer fall down to the seafloor
NPCs (11)
Borean Tundra
#20528 Corrected equipment, Willis Wobblewheel will now hold a hammer instead of a sword
#14196 Majordomo Staghelm's energy regeneration will be smooth again
Grizzly Hills
#15654 Corrected spawn points and added pooling
#15654 Corrected maximum reputation threshold for Booty Bay faction
#19625 Lord Vyletongue no longer has any Arcane resistance
Tol Barad Peninsula
#4092 Corrected melee damage and added mechanic immunities to Baradin Guards and Hellscream Guards
Twilight Highlands
#4566 Increased respawn time to match retail behavior
#4569 Increased respawn time
#20424 Neferset Armorers, Tol'vir Merchants, Neferset Blade Twisters and Neferset Savages will now grant experience on kill
Unknown Location
#19826 Fixed a bug which sometimes caused Deathwing to be unattackable in the last phase
#19826 Players who disconnect during the encounter will no longer see Deathwing's head in a wrong place after logging back in the game
Items (3)
#16344 Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest can now duplicate Pyroblast! (Hot Streak)
#21018 Bane of Agony ticks added by Glyph of Bane of Agony will now do double the normal damage
#12769 Fixed Stormchops' second effect - low damage proc on damage done
Objects (1)
#19494 Corrected spawn location of one Wild Mustard previously spawned underground