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Go to the zeppelin tower on the central bluff in Orgrimmar and question Snivel Rustrocket about the supplies. Return with any evidence he gives you.
Snivel's Ledger

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This NPC or object can be found in Orgrimmar.


<Roka listens with disgust as you tell her why you're trying to track down Snivel.>

You mean I've been under the spell of an alchemist all this time? I can't believe I fell for that fraud! If I ever get my hands on that conniving little goblin, I'll tear him apart!

If he's finished his errands, he's on his way down to the zeppelin tower in the middle of Orgrimmar! Whatever you do, <name>, you can't let him board that zeppelin and get away with all this!

Hurry to the zeppelin tower before you miss him!


Did you find the guy, or did he crawl under a rock?


You got his ledger? Really? That's great, <name>. There's probably loads of good information in here.