Quick Facts
  • Requires level: 10
  • Side: Alliance
  • Start: Astaia
  • End: Astaia
  • Skill: Fishing (1)
  • Daily
  • Status: Working
Closes Quests
Related Flags
  • Daily
  • Repeatable

Stocking Up

Catch 5 Lake Whitefish by fishing in Darnassus.
Lake Whitefish (5)

Relevant Locations

This NPC or object can be found in Darnassus.


We've used up most of our food stores in taking care of refugees and feeding those whose homes and livelihoods were destroyed. If we don't replenish our stores, we'll all be in danger next time there's a bad storm or a Horde invasion.

Perhaps you'd be willing to help me build up our stock of lake whitefish. You can catch it anywhere in Darnassus, and once it's dried, it'll keep until it's needed.


You will receive:
Bag of Shiny Things


If all of our fishermen pitch in, it won't take long to rebuild our supplies.


These are beautiful! Thank you, <name>. I'll set them out to dry.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain: