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A Refugee's Quandary

Obtain Felix's Box, Felix's Chest and Felix's Bucket of Bolts.
Felix's Box
Felix's Chest
Felix's Bucket of Bolts

Relevant Locations

This NPC or object can be found in Dun Morogh.


I was on my way to join my fellow gnomes at Gnomeregan, but then it all went so horribly wrong!

I left Anvilmar, bags packed and wading through waist-deep snow. Then we had this ridiculous earthquake, and I got all turned around. I ended up here, and what's worse: the trolls stole all my stuff!

<name>, I've obviously proven myself to be quite incompetent over the last day and a half. Would you mind infiltrating the troll camps southwest of here and returning my stuff to me?


Once I get my tools, I'm outta here.


Huzzah, you've found them! Get ready, women of Gnomeregan: here comes Felix!

Now, which road takes me out of here...


Upon completion of this quest you will gain: