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1.Deactivating the Spire
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  • Expansion required
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Deactivating the Spire

Deactivate the 3 Duskwither Spire Power Sources inside Duskwither Spire. Then return the Deactivating Jewel to Apprentice Loralthalis in Eversong Woods.
Deactivating Jewel (Provided)

Relevant Locations

This NPC or object can be found in Eversong Woods.


As you may know, Magister Duskwither sent me back here to shut down the power sources that feed the Spire. There are three of them, each located in a different place inside.

Unfortunately, I appear to be too late, and Duskwither Spire has been overrun with strange, magical creatures. While I haven't the expertise to accomplish this task, surely a <class>, such as yourself, could do so easily?


I can't be certain from this distance... have you already shut down the power to Duskwither Spire?


I am grateful to you for your assistance, but saddened to hear that some of my fellow apprentices have fallen to their addiction.

With the power to the Spire cut off, I think I'll stay here a while and see if things calm down long enough for me to sneak in and retrieve their remains.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain: