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2.A Head Full of Wind
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A Head Full of Wind

Bring Lorvarius' wind-devil to the clouds of red mist in the Crimson Expanse, near the water, and then return with a sample.

Relevant Locations

This NPC or object can be found in Deepholm.


I'm no druid, but some of these mushrooms do not look to be naturally occurring. I know that our Stone Lord friend over there is eager to blame this on exposure to Azeroth, but I suspect more domestic causes.

I saw some clouds of red mist to the northeast, near the water's edge. They seemed to be spurring new growth in their wake. Take one of my wind-devils with you and get me a sample from those clouds. You may have to stay close to the ground to spot them.


The fighting at the temple has quieted since you left. Whatever impression you're making, it seems to have helped at least that much.


You let the mist touch your skin? I hope there weren't any adverse affects.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain: